The crest is designed in the form of a St. Andrew's Cross with an insignia in each of the four corners. The X at the centre, the first letter of the Greek word for Christ, is a traditional symbol for Christ. Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28-30. The oval shape of the United Church Crest is derived from the outline of a fish, a symbol of identity by early Christians. The initials of the words Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour spell the Greek word for fish.
Welcome to Olds United Church
Located in the heart of Olds, Alberta, the United Church has witnessed the Christian faith through worship, service, and fellowship for 120 years (as of 2014). All are welcome to share in our ministry.

"I know there is nothing better for them,
than to be happy and enjoy themselves."


From the Minister's Desk

Hope & Happenings, October 21, 2014 - My colleague last week reflected on Thanksgiving, and what it is to give thanks. I want to extend that reflection in a new, but related direction.

World Food Day is October 16th. Discover the issues around world hunger & poverty. Come be a part of the change.In this season of thanks, we in our North American world focus on the abundance that we live with, yet in parts of our world, even in parts of Canada, there are people who go into each day knowing they will not have enough to eat. October 16th each year, is World Food Day, a day set aside by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization since 1945. The purpose is to increase awareness of world hunger and poverty, with a vision to educate for change.

As we reflect on the abundance that God has given to us, may we each do our part to learn about and better understand the impact of poverty on the people of our world.

Did you know that about 805 million people - that's 1 in 9 of the world's people - live with food insecurity? Do you know that world wide, 40% of food is wasted? What does that say about how we steward the abundance that God gives to the world?

As we live in this season of thanks, let us remember, from Matthew 25, Jesus' words to his disciples, as he talked about meeting the needs of the hungry, the thirsty, and the stranger; "Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these, who are members of my family, you did it to me." (Matt. 25:40)

Blessings, Tammy (Reverend Tammy Allan)

Dear People of Olds United Church

  • Bookkeeper/Treasurer Needed - We are looking for someone interested in taking on the task of Bookkeeper/Treasurer. If anyone knows of someone who might be approached or asked to do this, please contact Joyce Quaife, 403-556-3802 or call the office at 403-556-3052.

  • Historic Display at the Museum - There will be an Historic United Church Display at the Mountain View Museum from November 4 - 27. It includes an oral history interview video featuring Alvina Hawthorne and Marianne Becker. The Mountain View Museum is located at 5038 - 50 Street Olds, and is open Tuesday - Friday from 9 am - 4 pm.

  • Helping in the Sudan - Alarmed at the growing humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, the United Church of Canada is issuing a church-wide appeal. Donations will aid displaced persons with food, water, shelter and medicine. Mission & Service partners are already on the ground in refugee camps serving those in need. Contributions are urgently needed to mitigate the severe human suffering that threatens to worsen as the time of seasonal rains draws closer. To see how you can help out, visit

Church News & Events

Lest We Forget. Remembrance Day is November 11th. NOVEMBER 4 - 27
United Church Video at Museum
Historic United Church Display at the Mountain View Museum. Oral history interview video featuring Alvina Hawthorne and Marianne Becker. The Museum is located at 5038 - 50 Street and is open 9 am - 4 pm, Tuesdays to Fridays.

Remembrance Day Services
At the Olds High School Gymnasium. Parade assembles at 10 am. A service will follow at the Cenotaph in Centennial Park, weather permitting. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Church Display
Historic United Church Display at the Mountain View Museum from 9 am - 6 pm. Tea Reception at 2 pm.

Anniversary Dinner
120th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. Adults $15, 12 & under $7. Tickets are available at the church office. (Please sign our chart to bring food or volunteer your time). Invite your family, friends, and former members!

Anniversary Service
120th Anniversary Celebration. Worship & Communion at 10 am. Coffee and Muffins to follow.

90th Anniversary
Celebrations at Sundre United Church for their 90th anniversary. Come for fellowship and to learn more of their history. Join for worship at 1:30 pm.


Daily Scripture Reading

Cor 6:19 - Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;

Here is our schedule for the 120th Anniversary celebrations.

The church looks wonderful throughout the year.Our church is always beautifully decorated. Visit our Photo Gallery to see our favourite pictures, or better yet, stop in for a personal visit sometime!

Click here to see what's happening to celebrate the United Church's 120th Anniversary in 2014.

United Church of Canada Videos
Call to Action: Do Justice
Click here to see a message about the future of the United Church of Canada.The Mission and Service Fund of The United Church of Canada supports partners overseas who are working for peace and justice. Please donate today to this important work and watch the other videos in this series. Learn more by watching the video below.

Messages & Blogs from the Moderator

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BIRTHVERSE consists of 366 verses chosen from the 66 books of the Bible. Each verse correlates the chapter and verse with its month and day.

You are a child of God. He created you in His own image. He chose the day for you to be born. Look up your birth date and see what Bible verse corresponds to it. Click the image above to look up your verse now.

Joyfully His Preschool offers children a faith based environment for spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth. Runs at the United Church on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click here for details.

How to get here
From Highway 27, go south on 48th Avenue, and turn right (west) onto 50th Street. The large parking lot is just west of the church. Olds United Church is located on the corner of 48th Avenue and 50th Street, just a couple of blocks west of Olds College. Click the map for an enlargement.
Ph: 403.556.3052

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If you questions about our ministry, services, or programs for families, send us an email.

The United Church is the largest Protestant denomination in Canada with a rich history closely entwined with the development of Canada itself. We believe a United Vision is serving, friendly, flexible, inclusive, welcoming, faithful, compassionate, justice-seeking, caring, peace-seeking, tolerant, and innovative. The vision of the United Church of Canada involves ministry in our own United Churches and in work with partners across the country and around the globe. In the four corners of the United Church crest are symbols, three of which are particularly associated with the three communions, Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian, that united to form The United Church of Canada in 1925.
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